Proposed Action and Alternatives

The Air Force is proposing to undertake two related beddowns of 5th Generation fighter aircraft units to optimize pilot training operations and continue to grow the Air Force’s fighter pilot production capacity. One proposed action is to permanently relocate the F-22 FTU from Eglin AFB, FL to JBLE-Langley, VA. The second proposed action involves a separate proposal to beddown one additional F-35A FTU squadron at Eglin AFB should the F-22 FTU permanent beddown be implemented at JBLE-Langley.

The F-22 FTU consists of 28 Primary Aerospace Vehicles Authorized (PAA) and 3 Backup Aerospace Vehicle Inventory (BAI) F-22 aircraft. The F-22 FTU mission also includes 16 PAA T-38 aircraft that provide adversary air support (“red air”) to student pilot training.

The F-35A FTU squadron would consist of 24 PAA and 2 BAI F-35A aircraft.

The proposed beddown of the F-22 FTU mission would include construction of new facilities and an increase in aircraft, airfield operations, and personnel at JBLE-Langley. The proposed F-35A FTU squadron at Eglin AFB would utilize facilities and infrastructure vacated by the United States Navy and Marine Corps F-35 training missions. As a result of the proposed actions, there would be a reduction of aircraft, airfield operations, and personnel at Eglin AFB.